Have an Idea? Now What?

For starters, not spend any money on a coach or a product submission development or invention marketing company. Let this be the first and MOST IMPORTANT information we teach you for FREE. Any individual or company asking for hundreds or thousands of dollars up-front, ARE NOT “INVENTOR FRIENDLY” – BEWARE. We are here to protect you and your money. We are inventors, not paid sales people trained to get you to sign a contract and pay up-front fees.



  • BE ORGANIZED: Get yourself a notebook to keep your notes together. Also a binder with folders to keep documents and research found.
  • MARKET RESEARCH: If your idea is a new automobile product, are there any similar products currently on the market? How much do they cost? How many people would benefit from using this in the United States. Does your product solve a problem, how big of a problem is this? If you find a product(s) similar to your idea, but not exactly your idea, make a note of the product(s) name and the website(s) where you found it. This information will be very important when a patent attorney does the worldwide patent search.
  • Google Search: If your idea is completely new, come up with a name for it based on what it does. You could share the idea with a friend or family member, and see what they would call it, then start searching. If your idea is a new feature on an existing product, use that product name in your search.
  • Google Image Search: www.google.com/images 
  • Find Your Local Inventors Club or Association: https://uiausa.org/resources-map/
  • Amazon, Ebay & Other E-Commerce Sites: Similar to you how you did your google search.
  • Google Patents: Pretty easy to figure out. You could watch a video on youtube to help use the site to your benefit.
  • Retail Store:  Go to physical stores where you would see your product on the shelf. For automobile products, places like Pepboys, Autozone, advanced auto parts etc.
  • Retail Sales Rep: Without sharing your idea, ask if they have something like it. See if it’s requested often and any other questions you think may be helpful.
  • Trade Shows: Do a google search for trade shows depending on the product category. Trade shows are the best place to learn about the industry, find competitors and their products,  industry trends, new innovations section where you can talk to other inventors and product developers. The one drawback of trade shows is usually the cost of travel and hotel costs. To find a trade show for your product industry, you can do a google search and go thru the results.

After your market research, if  you think your idea is new or solves a big problem, go to our concierge and fill out the questionnaire if you are ready to GET STARTED.



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