Chris was great at giving me tips early on in my invention as well as connecting me with people I can trust with my project! Inventor Rescue is an amazing resource for investors! I definitely recommend them and trust them! Before I found Inventor Rescue, I had some bad experiences with other service providers.

Suzanne C.

Founder, LunaLiteDentvet.com

I’m so thankful for Inventor Rescue! For years I had issues with getting my patent approved. With the help of Inventor Rescue, I was able to get my utility patent issued in just a few months! 

Lerin L.

Founder, LionLatch.com

As an inventor with product manufacturing overseas, I was unable to get my manufacturer to release my tooling to a new factory. After relentless communication attempts and months of no progress on my own, Inventor Rescue acted promptly, tirelessly and literally rescued my tooling from what felt like a hostage situation.

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I felt pure joy seeing the photos of my tooling being safely delivered to my new manufacturer with clear, concise communication during every step of the process. Special thanks to Carmine Denisco and his company Earmark Sourcing for their assistance in securing my tooling with their China team.

Inventor Rescue was a huge asset to me and I encourage inventors in need of help to utilize their expertise. Thrilled to be back up and running after months of feeling powerless. Thank you Inventor Rescue!

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Tanya B.

Founder & CEO, Ergo Designs, Inc.

I heard Chris’s passion to help inventors that have been defrauded in an interview with the United Inventors Association. I reached out to him and he listened to my complaint about a supplier who took advantage of me. He did his own investigation on the matter and reached out to the supplier. The supplier initially declined the opportunity to resolve the matter. Then after a 2nd attempt to resolve the issue, the supplier agreed to a partial refund. Special thanks to Inventor Rescue along with help from Christopher Guerrera and Carmine Denisco from the United Inventors Association. www.uiausa.org 

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While there is still no resolution, I am grateful that Chris took the time to look into the matter. It was important to me other inventors know that Inventor Rescue exist to help them. I wish I knew about a company like Inventor Rescue when I got started. So many companies want to take advantage of inventors. Thankfully, Chris and his team are here to help and stop the bad guys. I highly recommend reaching out to them before hiring anyone on your invention journey.

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Sandy B.


I hired a prototype who seemed to be very reputable. I had done some research and saw some good reviews. I spoke with him briefly, sent him my patent invention, and he sent me a quote. First sign of concern was the quote included many more options than I had asked for and the quote also asked me for a third of the money upfront before any meetings.

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What transpired after I made the payment, I found to be very unprofessional, the person in charge of doing the cad files and image had not even looked at my invention material, had no idea of what it was, and I hadn’t been asked in advance for any information to make the meeting productive.

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Then after that was a series of mistakes and lack of communication of 2 months even though I emailed the prototyper himself of my concerns to no response, I became increasingly dissatisfied. I was asked for more money and I hadn’t even had half the project done.

Finally after two months of still being dissatisfied and not getting anywhere near what I wanted or could use, I reached out to Chris and Inventor Rescue and he was wonderful. He explained what service I should have received, offered his team if need be, and advised me to ask for a refund.

The end result is that I am getting a full refund, which would not have happened had Chris not intervened by reaching out to his connections; I would have not gotten any refund. Invention Rescue has many resources, if I needed further help and Chris who has started this non profit, an inventor himself to help inventors such as myself who are still in the beginning of a learning process, came to my rescue! I am so grateful, that now I can have what I need and can use for my invention done. thank you Chris and thank you Inventor Rescue!

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June L.

Founder, Junefit / All in One

After years of misguidance from invention service providers and so-called inventor experts, I met Chris Landano at the National hardware show. He committed himself to mentor me and helping me make wiser decisions. After several years of attending trade shows with no licensing success, he convinced me to get a booth at the hardware show.

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As an exhibitor, we gained 10x more access to industry experts and marketing exposure. That exposure led me to land a licensing deal. Chris is trustworthy, very knowledgeable and really cares about helping independent inventors. Had I met Chris years earlier and found this information on Inventor Rescue’s website, I certainly would have saved tens of thousands of dollars.

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Paul M.


Just as I was seeking to hire an attorney to help me, I was introduced to Chris Landano and learned about Inventor Rescue. I explained the issue I had with an invention service provider. A few days later, Chris told me he made contact with the service provider who was willing to get on a call with me to try and resolve the issue. Chris set up the call with the service provider, and we were able to come to an agreement that satisfied the situation. I’m very thankful for being connected to Chris and Inventor Rescue.
Steve Britt


They do exist,
When it comes to finding someone that truly wants to help you succeed, his name is Chris Landano.

As an inventor I was fortunate to be introduce to Chris by Carmine Denisco (From UIA) which happens to be another good guy. I was literally a click and signature away signing a $8000.00 contract agreement for services I had already done.

Chris personally directed me to honest and generally interested companies willing to bring my product to fruition. There no guarantees that your idea / invention will be licensed. However I can guarantee you this, Inventor Rescue will answer all of your questions, give you step by step guidance, while ultimately saving wasted time and money pursuing your dreams.

Darren Y
Founder & CTO

Darren Y.


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